Solar Road Studs

Product Specification: Road Safety Products Our Company specializes in manufacturing Road Safety Products like Road Studs, Blinkers, and Cheveron. Our Road Safety Products are used throughout the world due to their unmatched quality and safe usage. Following are the varieties of this product range: Solar road studs Our Solar Road Studs are manufactured by our highly qualified professionals, which provide clear visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions. After being energized by the sun the road studs automatically start to flash when night falls off with the onset of inclement weather. Blinkers OORJA SOLAR India also manufactures Blinkers for the safety of your life. Our blinkers are unique all around the world. They are not only supplied in India but have great demand worldwide. Our Blinkers are best known as road safety products. These are used for referring to turn signals or indicators. Large demand of our products has distinguished us from our competitors in this sphere of business. Cheveron We, OORJA SOLAR India, are a professional and experienced provider of road signage and road markings with an endeavor to ensure road safety. Our staff of experts has developed high-tech and innovative products to improve the link between the road andits users. When positioned at intervals along a curved roadway and T-junctions, these are efficient to effect. Three colors (red, green and yellow) Site blinking aluminum -alloy body.

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